Yoga Capris

Add a fresh look to your yoga wardrobe with a pair of yoga capris. Perfect for warm weather, hot yoga classes and relaxing comfortably around the house, these capris are designed to withstand anything you have planned throughout your day.

Stop worrying about rolling up your pant legs or pulling your pants higher to comfortably cover the waist. The high waist design of our yoga capri pants is meant to give your body more freedom while also hugging the skin, giving you one less thing to worry about during your practice.

Each pair of capris is designed with the heat and soul of South Beach in mind, reflecting the warmth of the sun and the calming view of the water. Your capri yoga leggings will look great and feel even better!

Hot And Cool Yoga Capri Pants

Each pair of capri yoga pants is meant to keep the wearer comfortable throughout the toughest of yoga classes. While the material is breathable, the extra skin left uncovered is more comfortable for some Yogis who get a little warmer than most in the studio.

The material in our yoga capris is not too thick, so you won’t get too hot whenever you’re exercising or spending a day out in the sun. This also keeps your range of motion natural, making it feel as if your capris are a part of you.

While the capris won’t interfere with your poses and stretches, they also won’t rip or deteriorate after a hard workout on the mat. Built to last, our yoga capri pants are made to permanently replace any other capris you might have in your yoga wardrobe.

Inspired By Heat

We designed high waisted yoga capris that cover just past the knee, nailing the current look for the capri style that most women are going for. While doing this, we also made sure that each pattern reflected a specific look you might be trying to nail.

The end result is a pair of capris that you won’t find anywhere else, stylish enough to show off your wild side while still holding the tight yoga pant look.

Our printed yoga capris have been uniquely designed with fresh patterns and prints. They’re inspired by the beauty of nature, so each pair of capris will show off a natural vibe that many people try to rock.

Women who wear capris have more fun, and you’ll find that these yoga capris are useful well beyond the studio. You’ll get all the right kinds of looks when you wear these out thanks to the exotic and sexy designs.