Yoga Pants and Leggings

Women’s yoga pants come in more colors than just black. Our colorful patterned yoga leggings are inspired by the awe-inspiring views and colors of South Beach Miami, and they’re meant to reflect the inner beauty that everybody has.

Each pair of our patterned pants are meant to make a statement, and by combining elastic fabrics with vibrant colors and mesh patterns we’ve created a pair of yoga pants that can match any personality. Crazy and colorful leggings are becoming very trendy, and we want to connect women to the leggings that speak to them.

Every Yogi Wear and South Beach Yoga Wear pants are unique, so your pair may vary from the picture you see on the website.

Yoga Leggings Designed To Look And Feel Good

Yoga pants are a growing trend in fashion, and we understand that the way we dress makes a statement about who we are. However, fashion shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality, so we designed each pair of our women’s yoga leggings to be perfect for any scenario.

The materials we use are breathable, so your yoga leggings can withstand anything that you can. The breathability makes them perfect for hot yoga, running, or for just going out on a hot, sunny day. Our yoga pants are also designed to fit comfortably from the waist down to the ankle and maintain their fit no matter what you’re doing throughout the day.

Type: High Rise | High-Waisted | Printed | Tight | Wide Leg

While looking good, you’ll also find that our printed leggings are super elastic and comfortable. They were created specifically to feel like a second layer of your own skin, so any chaffing, squeezing or general discomfort wasn’t acceptable. The result is a pair of pants that stretches to the perfect level of comfort while still maintaining that classis look you’re going for.

Colorful Yoga Pants That Are Perfect For Anything

Leggings should help with your yoga flow, not interrupt it. Our yoga leggings look good, feel good and still provide the flexibility and breathability that you would expect to find in any pair of high-end yoga pants.

Colors: Black | Grey | Pink | Red | White

Take your yoga practice to the next level with the right equipment, finding deeper stretches and stronger poses with the support of our pants and leggings. Go for a run without feeling stuffy or constricted with our leggings while making a statement with the exotic colors and designs. Wear your leggings out on a casual day, feeling comfortable and beautiful in your own skin!

We also design and create classic black yoga pants, but we add some extra flare to keep them ahead of trends, including mesh designs and colorful highlights.